Hats - FAQ

Why are we making hats?

Because we like more customization! There are just so many fun hero and skin ideas that we simply can’t get to them all. We are continuing to look for more ways to customize every player’s experience so that you’ll have your own unique journey every time you step onto the battlefield.

Will hats obscure readability of the game?

No. We’ve done quite a bit of testing along these lines and have taken great care to ensure that hats don’t affect the game’s readability.

Will SEMC release HUGE Mexican sombreros that will obscure team fights?

No. C’mon. We play the game too.

Will hats affect the performance of the game?


Why use resources on hats versus matchmaking, addressing latency?

We’re a small company, but not every single person is required to work on every single feature. This was a passion project that came together with a lot of heart and a little elbow grease.

Matchmaking and latency are always a high priority for us. As we've mentioned in the past, we don't always announce changes to these so we can get more honest feedback and so players don't try to game the system.

Why hats over other cosmetics such as announcer packs?

We have a variety of other fun collectibles in the works, hats just came together first for 3.7. The Captain Neato announcer pack is very near and dear to us and will hopefully be ready sometime soon!