Will I be able to trade hats or the materials to make them?

Not in this release

Can I sell or destroy hats or materials that I don't need?

Not in this release

Is it possible to buy or craft the individual pings to complete the set?

Yes, they will be individually purchasable under the new "Collectibles" Market tab later in the release. So if you found 3 out of 5 Kraken Pings through Spoils of War, you will be able to easily purchase the remaining 2 from the set.

Will it still cost 300 ICE to skip a sunlight level, even at the higher levels like 80+?

The cost to skip a sunlight level has decreased to 150 ICE per level.

With no "End of Season" rewards will there still be a Rank reward skin this season, like Contender Ardan/Kestrel?

There will still be a special Rank reward skin at the end of the season. More details to come!

How does "Auto Level Up" decide which skills to put points into?

It follows a preset build based on which Recommended Item Build you've selected.

"Free Tier Battle Pass" - Does this mean there will be a free Battle Pass or are the Season rewards are in the Sunlight level chests?

"Free Pass" refers to non-Battle Pass rewards earned throughout the season: the combination of Sunlight Level Chests and End of Season Rewards

Will there be more community-made ping packs/charms?

Most likely.

Will Cyber Krul Prime (Blue) be available after the Autumn season has ended or it is exclusive to the Battle Pass?

Exclusive for the Battle Pass

Will our Rank get reset at the start of the Autumn season, like past seasons?


Will hats boost sunlight just like skins?